I started The Last Cowboy in 2012, shortly before graduating from college. Now, eight years later, this story I’ve been wanting to tell is finally finished. It’s kind of hard to believe! So I wanted to write a little bit about my thoughts and plans for the future.

I’ve been making comics since high school waaaay back in the late 2000s, and this is the first time I’ve been able to commit to and finish such a large project.

It… really hasn’t been easy, though. I’ve mentioned in several places that I struggle with anxiety and depression. Being saddled with student debt that I can’t even begin to pay off, having no health insurance and having to work several exhausting part-time jobs over the years hasn’t helped. I had big dreams when I first graduated. I was sure I’d be able to find a regular, stable job in my field. But now I’m 28 and that… still hasn’t happened. It’s disheartening to apply to dozens of jobs you feel like you’re perfect for every month and not hear back from a single one… I’m very lucky that I have supportive parents who let me stay with them for WAY less rent than I would be paying otherwise, but I obviously don’t want to live with them forever.

I’m trying to keep a positive outlook and continue improving my skills, but the truth is… I’m burnt out. So I’m actually really glad TLC is finally over. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I’m happy that I have a completed project to point to and show where the past eight years of my life have gone, but… Part of me is like “Is that all? That’s ALL I managed to do with all that time?”

Logically, I know that isn’t true. I also finished my bachelors, went back to school to learn 3D Modeling, moved halfway across the country, and been involved in some really fun projects. I think I need some time and distance, so taking a break from comics for a while and only drawing what is actually FUN to me sounds like a good idea.

As for what I’m planning to do next, well… I think that I will be focusing on my portfolio for a while, mostly my environment art and concept art. I’ve also got a few short games in the works, including the BL visual novel that I put on the backburner a couple years back. Of course, I also plan on doing some illustrations just for fun every once in a while!

If any of you are interested in hearing about my new projects, please consider subscribing to me on Patreon or following my twitter! Patreon subscribers get to see everything first, including illustrations, models, updates, and sometimes free goodies like my Maneaters illustration collections.

I’d like to come back to longer comics at some point, but I really need a break from them for now. I definitely learned a lot from TLC, and I’m so glad I was able to wrap it up. And I’m glad that you all took the time to read it-and this message! Thank you so much! Your comments and messages have been so encouraging to me, and I don’t think I would’ve made it without that.

Thank you.